Welcome back! Its monday again, and we know what that means. Back to work. Its not so bad tho, when you love what you.

But its been a crazy week out there in the real world, and while i dont let it creep into here much. It affected the daily sketch, as i didnt feel right doing sketches in the midst of the demonstration in Virgina. I have to say that its deeply disturbing to see what is going on in Virginia, and I feel its necessary to condemn the violence and hate that came from a white-supremacist this weekend. Think what you like, for sure, peacefully assemble, thats fine. Political and social disagreement is fine. But the violence is bullshit.

Let hope, and make sure this coming week is an improvement in civility.

In other news. Im still busting my ass to get my bills paid, and sort out a couple of other financial setbacks while i chase the dreams of an artist. There was this kind of parable i heard in a podcast this morning that i found to be inspiring, so i thought it would be nice to share it here with you.

When you are feeling defeated at every turn, and your effort seems pointless, think of the grass in your yard. The grass grows, as it does, and every week (generally) the grass is mowed back down. Yet the grass continues to grow, undaunted, regardless of how many times it gets mowed down. So when you feel like you’re just being mowed down, over and over, remind yourself to maintain at least the same amount of courage to continue, as a blade of grass. Never give up, never surrender.

Tomorrows is the patron update, and dont miss out on friday nights drawing in the dark for more work on the Earth Mother. Im looking forward to getting back to that!

See you then!