▪welcome back! I hope everyone had a great time last week. But its monday again, at least we have the update.
▪ I missed sundays sketch, but im thinking of doing reposts on sundays, it gives me a break from the sketch, and i can show off some of the old favorites.
▪Speaking of favorites, the sketches this week were fun. The Furiosa has gotten more attention on tumblr than my stuff normally gets, and the chill giant kinda fell flat. But its the Mr Freeze that i really had fun with. There’s power in simplicity.
▪Ive been grinding art out like crazy this past week, Working on as much as i can without burning out. And its been paying off (it always pays off) and its been fun. But theres still much work i am behind on, so i cant stop now. 🙂
▪as far as the side projects go, ive finished a fun promo piece for the webcomic (patrons have seen it, but otherwise it wont go public until season 2 is ready) AND theres good progress happening on the Earth Mother piece, which is a patron exclusive, ill raffle the original to a lucky patron, and then stick the image on a t-shirt, poster and stickers! Also! Ill be working a bit more on the webcomic again through the pateon posts. Though fridays will remain seperate and always feature something “big” Once i finish the Earth Mother, I’ll likely finish up the SkullMash i started before i got into the EM piece.
▪Alas, this is all the time i have for today, i hope everyone had a good week, and remember, chaos is the natural state of the universe, order only come from intention, dedication, and vigilance. Be good out there