It’s been a long time since Ive seen this side of 4am. I was getting some late night work done on some tattoo designs, and listening to a few podcasts, and got inspired. I’ll be checking out a few book recommendations for some creative stuff. And see if i like them as much i think i will. Once i have all the proper info on those books, ill include them in a post here, and probably do a bit of a review.
▪the sketches this week have all been great. Its a tough set to pick from for a favorite, so i wont. Ha! I love them all! These past weeks have been a sketch or two short, im hoping to get these back to the full seven. But you never know.
▪So last week wasnt too bad. And im looking forward to what this new week brings. And how long this inspiration lasts. Ive been really happy with my work lately (unusual for an artist) and hope to keep up that momentum.
▪tomorrow, i post for the patrons, the new plan for the new month. Gotta have a plan. And show off some of the tattoo deaigns ive been working on.

▪Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!