▪What a week. At least this one starts with an astonomical event, the likes of which have altered wars, civilizations, and religious/societal changes through history. So this one, in the modern day, for the united states, is a curious one. Especially in the era we find ourselves.

▪Oddly enough, i have a curious kind of peace to myself today, that im not accustomed to. Ive got work on the drawing board, bills are getting paid, life is good at home, and i feel grateful for my life and where its lead me so far. Its not always an easy path, but its true.

▪If the past weeks sketches. It shouldn’t be a suprise that the Ghandi is my favorite. Anf already in the hands of proud collector and patron, Darrin H. Thanks man. Im glad you ended up with that one!

▪As far as the rest of the sketches. It was a tough week. The demonstrations in Charlottesville and ensuing unrest. Poltical strife and the second year of the “great social media wars” i had a hard time some days coming up with what i felt was appropriate, sketch wise. Some days it couldnt be ignored, so i drew Ghandi, or the sad uncle sam, like a child while his parents fight behind him.

▪Rags, expressing a time old reminder to never let your guard down.

▪But i got some fan art in there too. I just started watching Rick and Morty finally (s1e5 as of this posting) while mysterio and scarket witch were still commentaries of current events, but not obvious (mysterio creates illusions for the geros to fight, while the true evil goes unnoticed, and scarlet witch causes mind controlling fear) *sigh*

▪What to do…. i do me. I make art, and none of this bullshit will change that. Thats how i win. I’ll live defending my family, my values, and my art. And I’ll die the same way i live.

▪Tomorrow! I show some if the tattoo flash ive been working on. And give my patrons first dibs. Then ill go public with them and see if i can round up some easy work (drawing custom tattoo designs is fun, and rewarding, but its as far away from easy as it gets in the art world) but i hate doing other peoples flash (stock tattoo designs for those at home). So ive been making my own.

▪And speaking of which, its time to make the donuts, or whatever, ive got shit to do. Haha! See you tomorrow