Welcome back to another exciting week of… whatever it is we’re doing here… Oh yeah! Art!

Art on things, art as comics (webcomics) and tattoo art!

This week, I’ve got some stuff I showed the Patrons. The Tattoo designs, of which, I am working on more of, and T-Shirt Designs that Kenny is making available on our mopandbucketpress.com store, so check it out. some items will not always be available.

Aside from t-shirts, stickers, and tattoo designs, Kenny and I are still working on Sleight of Mind Webcomic. Season 2 is almost ready for lettering. And there are a few more shirt and sticker designs on the way, from work I’ve doing for the Patrons.

This next week I’ll be working more on the Activity Book, tattoo flash designs, and doing the daily Sketch! A good way to support this work and speed up its progress is to send me money! yes, become a Patron for $1 a month, and see what everyone else is missing out on!

I’ll be back For the Weekly Patron post Tomorrow, for the rest of you , see you next week!