It’s Monday! And you know what that means! It’s time for my weekly public post. I’m doing this weekly write up for my Patreon Page, and the Mop and Bucket page, a bit of casual re-purposing as Kenny and I try to keep up a decent update cycle. We’re still working on it.

Last week, as the many weeks before, was a busy one, and quite productive. I managed to get a bunch of work done, and get some fresh custom projects on the drawing board. I usually try to have a couple of pieces in the early conceptual stages, a few in the middle, labor stages, and then others that are ready to finish up. Especially as a tattoo artist, and doing other freelance work, I have to be able to move around a lot and manage a lot of separate projects at the same time. It doesn’t always work.  Sometimes I cant take on a project, or realize that certain projects are outside of my ability or schedule. Sometimes a seemingly complex piece will take me no time at all, while others , that seem straightforward, take me ages to figure out.  Its all part of the game, and learning how to play it.

Speaking of projects, these are the ones I can talk about here, artist – client privilege is a thing, and so is Patreon 🙂

TheDaily Sketch project, as always, my ongoing free drawing exercise, is doing what it does. Last week I showed off my latest painting based on a daily sketch, and I have a few others in mind for the future, but it may be a while before I get to that one.

But this week started kind of odd, with the sketch of a spaceship being attacked by a… something. It was meh, but it has a weird awkwardness to it, at least it has that…  The Tree of Death was fun, and a quickie, while the Max from Where the Wild Things Are, is a bit I did for Liberty, her book report this quarter is that book, and it was fun as hell to sketch him up. The book itself is a clever masterpiece of kids books, seriously. Read it about 15 times to a child and you’ll get what I’m saying. Ha!

Hive Mind (the beehive skull) was a hit on tumblr, at least as far as my work tends to go on there, and is an interesting concept, a bit of social commentary, which I like doing, but is so hard to find the right “message” I could do a lot of provocative stuff, but it wouldn’t necessarily be what I believed. So that kind of work can be tricky for me.

Lets see… There’s the Venom Sketch I did, that I’m posting here, I’ll post this in a couple art groups on facebook tomorrow, but I wanted to post it here second. Patrons saw it last week. Just a late night sketch inspired by the recent trailer.

BUT. The Bone Spiral piece is a FIRST! right here (and the Mop and Bucket page haha) and will be an addition to another page of tattoo designs I’m working on. No telling when that one gets wrapped up though. But I’ll post it when it’s there.

More stuff is always in the works, if you want to learn more about that before everyone else, become a backer on Patreon. And Don’t forget to check out our merch so far, It’s always being updated!

** Special Note: Kenny and I did an interview with a local podcast called Limited Engagement today, It wont go online until March, but we had a hell of  time!

That’s it for this week! I appreciate you stopping by, but its time for me to get back to the drawing board. See you next time.