Welcome back for another week of art and excitement!

This week, while I have lots to get done as far as tattoos and tattoo designs. I still have a bunch more stuff on the list i want to get done. Lets see how well it all goes this week. First, last week was good, busy week. I kicked off a few big tattoo projects – a koi sleeve. A japanese crane leg piece, and a sports sleeve (LA theme) that i’m looking forward to getting back in on.

The hard work has been paying off. I also managed to get a decent amount of inking done on the webcomic, and did a lot of showing off online with the inktober pieces. There’s a few local and art pages, and (web (comic pages on facebook that have gotten me some good attention. The inktober pieces were fun. Of course, inking old sketches has been a great exercise, and my inking skills are getting back up to where i like them. I never considered myself an “inker” but i’ve never misunderstood its importance in illustration, even when there isn’t as much print work to be done these day.

This week, i have another block of sketches that i think will go over well, A lot more skulls and dark subject matter, it is halloween season after all. Haha! As for everything else. Tomorrow I’ll be talking more about my new plans for the daily sketch project, the friday Drawing in the Dark segment, and the webcomic progress. Ill be getting back to work on the daily sketchbook, and finishing out some of these inked sketches for further use. And not to forget, the patreon giveaway for the the original Earth Mother art. And I’ll be getting into the modifications for tattooing for that as well. One thing at a time, one day at a time. The trick for survival as a freelance illustrator and tattooist, is keeping a pace you can maintain. Keep the burnout low, and the momentum going.

Thanks for stopping by! See you here tomorrow for more news and a bit of cool art!