Welcome back to the Monday Update! It seems like Mondays are closer together than any other day of the week doesn’t it? They always come back around too soon. At least there the update to look forward to.

This past week was a super busy one, and while Kenny and I are hard at work making a living, we’re still working on making a life. (how cheesy was that? Haha) Keep an eye on the www.mopandbucketpress.com website to see the real action. As that’s where the webcomic will start posting. We have a post schedule we’re thinking of, where the webcomic will post on Patreon, then the website, then the facebook page.

Last weeks Sketches, today! This was a odd sort, as I haven’t had a lot of time for the sketch this week, I’ve been focused on just getting them done and on to the next project. There is a couple of standouts for me. Clearly the turtle ship is the most interesting, but there is also the first Side Quest Sketch, Which is a series within the daily sketch. Every Monday, I’ll do a sketch that will tell a little side quest story of Rags. Then,  I will collect them, probably monthly, and repost them in order so that they will make more sense. If it goes well, this will be an ongoing part of the daily sketches, and help generate some webcomic material at the same time.

That’s about it for this Monday. I expect this week will be even busier than the last, but we’ll keep working on the master plan as the opportunities present themselves. See you next week!