Extra, Extra, read all about! Mop & Bucket Press releasing a webcomic 10 weeks in a row!

Announcing a project By Levi Smith, Sequential Disorder. A strange little webcomic about Rags, a mute voodoo doll trying to find his way home. Posting every tuesday right here on the Mop & Bucket Facebook page. Alongside our the new update from Levi, and Kenny the creators behind Mop & Bucket Press.

Whew, What a week it has been.

First off, it’s great that people from all over are ordering stuff from us. But dealing with the of complexities of shipping overseas is something I never thought i would have todo. But hey, now I have that all worked out and will not have any those issues in the future. Right?

Second, I have been trying to get some cool things to give away to you guys. I received some samples of stickers & magnets of the Jade Monkey. But once again, issues have arose. The magnets are awesome, but the stickers where a little to small. So I have more on the way, and decided to get the Ray Gun as one also. If you guys would like a T-shirt with either of those images, check out the store here on Facebook.  


Most of my time has been spent working on ……. Oops, almost spoiled the big project we have been working on for the past year.  More on that in the future.

Thanks for tuning in, and I will talk with you in a week or so.