Welcome back to the weekly update! Its Wednesday, but thats not going to stop me. spent the past couple days sick with a fever, and was totally wiped out. I spent much of that time sleeping and sweating and now i’m making up for lost time.

▪I feel better though. And miss my work. So lets get back to it.

▪Even though theres only 5 sketches this week, i feel they were good ones. My favorite this week is Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors. (A bit of personal trivia, ive never liked musicals)
The sketch people liked, but im not sure if they fully understood though, was Thing 1 and Thing 2 doing the fusion dance from Dragon Ball Z. A bit of a mashup that i though was clever. What would a fused Thing1/Thing2 look like? Thing 3?

▪Anyway, i have a lot of lost time to make up for, and a couple more updates to do, so i hope you all a good week! Ill be back here in a couple minutes with the weekly Patron Update.

Thanks for stopping by!