Its Monday! and you know what that means… Its time for another update!

So… Lets see, Last week was a super busy one. Lots of cool stuff going on,

Lets start with the weekly sketch collection. My favorite was the Dr Doom piece, But the candles are very close to my heart, and I really like how I did the candle stands. The Bottom Right is also special, as Its an interpretation of Liberty’s “Girl Rags”, Whom she named Pearl with my Dads help. haha! She’ll get a part in the webcomic for sure.

I did a small painting of a Daily Sketch Project. Titled “Scarecrow” It turned out to be fun little side project, and I’m really proud of it. And it is for sale! I’m just not sure how much yet. haha! I figure I’ll know once I announce it on facebook, and show it off there in a few days.

I’ve got a handful of these 10×10 canvases, and I’ll be doing more of them, based on daily sketches. Patrons get to see them first, as always.

This week! I’ll be doing some public posts, getting the Flash designs on the jade monkey pages, as well as my personal page, and posting up the Scarecrow publicly, I’ll be finishing up My Friday Drawing in the Dark Project, and previewing the next one, and hopefully getting the shading work done for The webcomic Sleight of Mind Season 2.

But that’s all old news… The really new stuff, I talk about tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by! its time for me to stop writing about art, and get back to making it! See you next week!