This one is going to be a little different, but we’ll get to that.

Welcome Back! This past week, like the few before it, has been at breakneck speed for me. From tattoo design commissions, and appts, to The routine work I do for Patreon and Mop and Bucket, it has been burnout week. But I made my monthly bills, and I get a day or two to slow down a notch, and make sure I don’t completely burn myself out, as I work to maintain and manage a higher pace of production. It’s the only way this is going to work at this stage, which I should have started into at this level five years ago. But that’s now beside the point…

As you may know, Every Week, Kenny and I are posting updates and commentary on our work and progress with the Mop and Bucket endeavor and Patreon, as we keep moving forward, these will become more regular and include an ever increasing array of content, previews and topics. So stay tuned.

THIS WEEK, I have the Activity book, and the Drawing in the Dark Segment to work on, as well as put together the next Side Show segment on the Mop and Bucket page. I’m also going to talk to Kenny about putting that up on the M&B website for the Wed Webcomic update slot that Sleight of Mind will take up when it’s finally ready for release.

LAST WEEK, We had the Sketches, not that bad of a batch of Sketches, but not my best. The standout favorite for me is the Tri-Klops from He-Man, Cyclops From the X-men….wait a minute… Tri-Klops AND Cyclops. I didn’t realize that until just now. Hm. And Of course The Monday Side Quest with Rags getting the magic beans from a shady turtle. You be able to check out today’s Side Quest panel on facebook and Instagram. I am trying to decide when I should collect and repost them. Every Three or four panels seems natural to me, especially since I’m on a three panel format for the Sleight of Mind Webcomic. And So that may be a new monthly update thing.

I think that’s how we’ll do it… 4 panels (4 weeks a month) and then I”ll put that up on the Monthly patreon post before posting it online.

That’s almost all I have for you this Monday, Though this post does continue on my Patreon Page (for the public) You will actually have to go there to read the rest of todays post. (I’ll make it easy on you , and drop a link)