Welcome to the Tuesday update! Which is also the halloween update, and the end of inktober. (The Big monthly update will come soon) 

So first, Happy Halloween! And for a special look into this whole intoner thing. Let me actually explain what i was up to.

Inktober started as a challenge for independent comic creators to work on their inking skills (as opposed to pencil drawing skills) and prompt them with a short term challenge. It turned into a community wide thing, and then a branded activity that many artists take part in, and a marketing strategy.

I tried to do it last year, and quickly realized that it wasnt going to work the way i planned, with doing a daily sketch, and then inking it. So i put it off. This year, however, i figured i could just pick a bunch of sketches, and then ink them. Which worked out quite well. Thiugh i did miss a couple days, i feel that i did well with it, and improved my inking skills. Im sure next year, ill do it again.

The pic above, pencils and inks of the pumpkin carver, show how much quality there is by adding hard ink to a piece. Not merely tracing, but adding value, contrast, and depth to piece, making it feel more complete.

So this week, im putting together the big monthly update (i want it to be fun) and gearing up for this next month, tomorrow i have fresh comic work to show, and a penciled design that i will ink and color in preparation to add to my flash collection.

That’s it for today! Thank you so much for stopping by and your support! Ill see you back here tomorrow!