More than ten years ago the Creators of Sleight of Mind struggled to create a comic, with partially finished stories and books. After a few years, they got their act together and published Simple #1. Although the book was good, it lacked the true spirit of the characters. After two years of talking about #2 it was put on the shelf. Then, after a bull-shitting session at the bar the creators decided on a format change and to bring the comic back to its roots. After months of work, many chickens sacrificed, and the enslaving and eventual liberation of an entire robot society, the reincarnation of Simple is now here with Slight Of Mind.


Levi Smith

I’m a tattoo artist and freelance graphic designer and illustrator, working out of my own private studio. As such, I do a lot of commissioned work, and don’t often have time to pursue “my art”. While I am grateful for, enjoy and appreciate my clients and the work I do, there are many other projects and works i want to produce outside of commissions, and bring to the public.




Kenny Puckett

Chef, Writer, Graphic Artist, And Publisher Can All Be Used To Describe Kenny. After Interning In Las Vegas And Learning Production Art He Moved Back To His Home Town. (Phoenix) There He Began Publishing Comics With ChopShop. While Publishing He Attended Scottsdale Culinary And Earned His Aconites Degree In Culinary Arts. Now after 10 years as a chef he has decided to return to his first love, publishing comics.